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We are looking for partners in our Internet Marketing business. The main function of the partner is to provide content for our network of websites. The Content Partner would be paid a percentage of the commissions for every article written that results in a sale of the product. For example the web user clicks on a link in a product review that results in the user purchasing the product. The content partner would get paid a percentage of that commission. They would also get a commission on anything the users purchases in the next 24hrs. Even if it is unrelated to the product originally clicked on.  This becomes very profitable around holiday time.   

We are asking you to invest ZERO of your dollars.  All we ask  is your time.

An ongoing list of content required will be available for the content partner to peruse and choose which article they would like to write. The request list will include the type of article required , the length, the exact product that is  the subject of the content and the payout percentage .

The content partner will check out a request they choose to fulfill, produce the article then check back in the completed article.   The article will be tagged with the identification of the writer and installed on the website.   

When a web user clicks on any of the links that are in the content or connected to the content and ends up purchasing the product a commission will be earned.  The commission will be a percentage of the revenues received as stated in the original request.  Remember this includes all product purchased in the next 24 hrs.  (Cost of product x commission (avg  5.5 %) x Content Partner’s percentage)

The percentage earned will be one of two amounts.  One amount will be if the content partner produces just the article.   The other (higher) amount will be if the content partner produces the article as well as produces articles for backlink support.  Backlink support will be an 150 word article(about a paragraph)  produced weekly  that will be about the general subject of the product.  These articles will be used to get backlinks to the main article.  This will result in a higher boost to rankings which will result in the increase of the main article’s likelihood to produce commissions.   This 150 word article must be produced weekly to qualify for the higher commission.

Keep in mind this is an investment.  Your article will not likely start producing commissions immediately.

The possibility of commissions  are unknown and subject to a lot of factors.

On the other hand,  you have a ZERO dollar investment into a business partnership.  One article written that took less than an hour,  could produce income for years to come.

We will provide a list of all of the content that we have up for requesr.  The request will include the  The partne 


Click here to see Content Request List



 We also have two other partnerships Information Site Partner and Product Site Partner.  These partnerships are dedicated to writing content for a single website.  They take a much higher level of commitment and produce a higher return for the partner.  Please contact us if you are interested in one of these other partnerships.


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