Google + Local


Do you realize that Google  offers business owners some very powerful tools that are revolutionizing the world of business marketing, advertising, and branding?


One way you can use Google to better your business is to claim your listing on Google Places.  When Google first introduced Google Places (now called Google + Local),  Google representatives expressed that their goal was to make Google Places pages as complete a substitute for the traditional Yellow Pages listings as possible.  Most would agree that Google has not only accomplished this goal – but has far surpassed it.

Google Places was created to be an extension of Google Maps.  Here is how it works: Every business location on Google Maps is directly linked to its own Google Places listing, and by clicking on a Google Maps location marker, you are taken directly to the Places page of the corresponding business location.  Any time someone searches Google for a local business, the appropriate Google Map displays, along with all applicable business markers, for potential customers to see.


Google Places has the potential to maximize your web presence, broaden your business horizons, help you earn new customers, and maintain the loyalty of existing customers..



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